Women Waist Pillow Large Pregnancy, H-shaped
Women Waist Pillow Large Pregnancy, H-shaped

Women Waist Pillow Large Pregnancy, H-shaped

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Brand: Zyhappk


  • Zyhappk can adjust the width of the H-shaped pillow for pregnant women to reduce the discomfort of pregnant women during pregnancy and care for the health of the baby.
  • High-Quality Filling Material: high density and super soft, this unique hollow fiber filling is odorless, can provide comfort for side sleepers, and maintain bulkiness, thereby improving performance and extending service life.
  • Humanized Design: H-shaped pillow for pregnant women, supporting the waist and abdomen, comfortable and decompressing, and preventing backward rolling. This can keep you safe all night, and at the same time can protect the safety of the baby in the abdomen when turning over on the bed.
  • Can be Carried with You: This waist support pillow for pregnant women can be folded to save space. When you go to an outdoor picnic, you can put it in the car and use it as a cushion to reduce fatigue during the journey.

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