2 in 1 Baby Walker, Multi-Functional and Adjustable speed

2 in 1 Baby Walker, Multi-Functional and Adjustable speed

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Brand: YOLL


  • ♥ U-shaped design--When the baby just walks, guide the child's direction, the walker designed by the child's doctor will not make the child's legs into O-shape, use safe PP material, no discoloration, no odor .
  • ♥ 2 in 1 - The stable 2-in-1 walker is a 2-in-1 kit. When the child is 15-24 months, take off the seat and let the child learn to walk faster. You can quickly switch from the walker to the helper. Device. Easy to assemble and can be used in a short time.
  • ♥ Ring backrest - Padded seat and backrest protect the baby's cervical spine, suitable for the child's back, close to 90 degrees, making the child more stable during the child's life. Lightweight, breathable washable upholstered seat.
  • ♥ Adjustable speed--Design speed can adjust the speed, adapt to the baby's walking speed, can adjust the speed of the rear wheel to adjust the speed of the walker, so as to adapt to the baby in different toddlers. The silent universal wheel slides smoothly, and the 360° smooth rotation can closely touch the ground to prevent rollover.
  • ♥ Low center of gravity design - safe low center of gravity design, more stable than stability, no rollover according to the mechanics G=mg principle, the lower the center of gravity, the month is stable, the bottom is widened to increase the U-shaped chassis, ensuring that it will not roll over, baby Peace of mind.

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