Baby Potty Training ,Comfortable and Safe
Baby Potty Training ,Comfortable and Safe

Baby Potty Training ,Comfortable and Safe

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Brand: xiaofeng214


  • Simulation design: simulation toilet design curve fitting, more comfortable
  • Safe PP, healthy and environmental protection: no toxic substances, we control raw material suppliers as smooth and delicate, stronger and more resistant to temperature, without bisphenol A, healthy, non-toxic and odorless
  • Adults do great harm to the baby: 1. It is not good for the baby's spine, which is not conducive to the development of the hip joint. 2. The baby can't develop the habit of going to the toilet independently. 3. The baby has no sense of self defecation, thus frequent urination and easy bed wetting
  • The baby's resistance is very weak, and a hygienic defecation environment is particularly important. Using the baby's exclusive toilet can keep away from bacterial invasion, avoid the hidden danger of adult toilet, and make the baby more comfortable and the mother more comfortable.
  • After the baby poops, mom just carries the garbage bag and throws it away. She doesn't need to brush the stinky toilet every time the baby pulls it

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