Baby Walker, Breathable and Comfortable
Baby Walker, Breathable and Comfortable

Baby Walker, Breathable and Comfortable

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  • BREATHABLE: The breathable honeycomb mesh design allows the air to swim freely in the mesh layer, so that the baby feels very comfortable at all times, suitable for all seasons.
  • INTERESTING SOUND GENERATOR: In order to prevent the baby from losing patience when toddlers, the product specially designed a push-type sound generator on the front of the chest, so that the baby has more curiosity and loves walking training.
  • DUAL PURPOSE: lift-up style: when you first learn to walk, use the lift-up style to connect to the step. Back-pull style: when you can stand firmly, practice walking and use the back-pull style to prevent falling and collision.
  • INTIMATE DESIGN: The wrist strap is filled with soft sponge, which makes parents more comfortable. The front of the toddler belt has a reflective strip to ensure safety even at night.
  • RELIEVE THE BACK PAIN OF PARENTS:The body needs to be tilted to help the baby learn to walk, which causes the parents to increase the waist pain. With the help of a toddler belt, you can easily relieve back pain and enjoy a long time with your baby.

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