Pregnant Pillow, U Shaped and Comfortable
Pregnant Pillow, U Shaped and Comfortable

Pregnant Pillow, U Shaped and Comfortable

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Brand: Bilim


  • 【 Standard 】27.5x51.2 inches,2.87 pounds.Material: pillow case 100% cotton + pillow core 100% polyester fiber
  • 【Design】It is new pregnant woman pillow design, and its width and size has been improved, which can let you have a better three-dimensional sense.At the same time, your waist/arms/hips/abdomen/hips/feet can feel better support.It is suitable for all periods of your pregnancy cycle.
  • 【Scenario】It is mainly suitable for pregnant women to relieve the discomfort brought by pregnancy after sleeping. If you are not pregnant women, you can also use it to give you a feeling of embrace and make you sleep more comfortable and quiet.
  • 【Cleaning】All you have to do is take the pillowcase out, soak it in cold water for 30 minutes, wash it properly by hand or in a machine, and it will come back clean.Cotton pillowcases will be more suitable for close to the skin, hypoallergenic.

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