Pregnancy Pillow for Side Sleeper, Soft and Comfortable
Pregnancy Pillow for Side Sleeper, Soft and Comfortable

Pregnancy Pillow for Side Sleeper, Soft and Comfortable

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Brand: DHGHJ


  • 【Unique U shaped maternity pillow】: This pregnancy pillow helps support body of the waist, back, legs, hips and arms make you comfortable and relaxed, reduce the stretch of the lower back muscles, also relieve the common low back pain during pregnancy, ankle pain and sclerosis nerve pain. This is our pregnancy pillow.Mothers-to-be can appreciate the comfort of this pregnancy support pillow.
  • 【Soft & Comfortable】: This pillow is not only for pregnant women, but for anyone that is in need of extra support, recovering from surgery, or tired of having to use multiple pillows to support their body. Adults of all ages and sizes will benefit from our cozy cushion, you can also use it as a post-surgery pillow to offer padding where you need it. Whether you’ve had knee or hip replacement, spinal or shoulder surgeries, this pillow will help.
  • 【Pregnancy Side Sleeper Pillow 】 Multi-Function Pregnancy Side Sleeper Pillow Abdomen Supporter Pregnancy Waist Pillow Pregnant Pillow U Type Belly Support Protect.Side Sleeper Pregnancy Support Pillow, U-Shaped Double Wedge Maternity Belly Support Pillows, Adjustable Breathable Pregnancy Back Waist Support Cushion
  • 【Convenient Removable Cover】: Equipped with a zipper design that can be removed, washed with hands or machine, and won't lose color even if washed repeatedly, so you can enjoy long-term cleaning comfort enviorment.
  • 【Keep Proper Side Sleeping Position】: Based on the ergonomic hug design can keep the proper side sleeping position, relieve back pain, leg edema, correct the wrong sleeping position , conducive to the growth of the fetus. Tips: Due to the long transport time, the maternity body pillows are equipped with compression bags. Expose the it to the sunsunlight for several hours before using until return to its normal thickness.

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