24 Pack Portable and Disposable Training Travel Potty
24 Pack Portable and Disposable Training Travel Potty

24 Pack Portable and Disposable Training Travel Potty

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  • PORTABLE PALM SIZE PACKAGE - The Potty Flip Disposable Potty is designed to be very portable. This training potty is small enough to fit into a pant pocket or handbag to be easily used when needed
  • INNOVATIVE MESS FREE DESIGN - The Potty Flip Disposable Training Potty is manufactured with a plastic interior which will hold all waste and stop it from leaking. To dispose of the potty, simply close the top portion of the potty and then throw it in the trash. All Potty Flip potties are made from bio-degradable materials
  • EXTRA STURDY - The FryOilSaver Co. Potty Flip Potty is designed to hold children up to 75lbs. It is made from extra sturdy cardboard with a plastic packet inside to contain any waste. Designed for use by children ages 1-5 years
  • QUICK TO SETUP - The Potty Flip Training Potty is super easy to set up and can be ready for use within seconds. This is a necessity for parents with young children
  • NO MORE DIRTY SMELLY PUBLIC RESTROOMS - With the Potty Flip Portable Toilet, you no longer need to take you children into dirty smelly public restrooms. Simply unfold the Potty Flip, let them do their business, fold it up and then discard it

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