Postpartum Belly Band, flexible
Postpartum Belly Band, flexible

Postpartum Belly Band, flexible

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Brand: Rheane


  • ♥Extra Gifts♥: We will give you a pair of extenders for free to help you expand the size of your clothes! Non-restrictive stretchy Fabric, use it to extend your clothing and add belly support--Maternity Must Have!
  • ♥High-Quality Silicone Strip♥: Dress with confidence! There is a silicone strip on the bottom of the maternity band that better hold everything in place so make sure this part is at the bottom.
  • ♥Seamless Clothing Extender♥: Belly Supportive, flexible, and fashionable. Layer our long belly band tops, or use them to cover your waistband. Seamless design can prevent chaffing your belly during daily activity. Effortlessly camouflage into your outfit so that can save your money on maternity clothes.
  • ♥Pregnancy And Beyond♥: You can wear this belly band as a replacement for maternity clothing during pregnancy. It can also be used to flatten your tummy after delivery.
  • ♥Great for Daily Wear or Workout:♥ Comfortable and durable enough for everyday wear! The breathable, moisture-wicking fabric keeps your belly cool and dry, even during workouts. Plus, machine washable durability makes cleaning easy.

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