Portable and Easy to Clean Potty Seat
Portable and Easy to Clean Potty Seat

Portable and Easy to Clean Potty Seat

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Brand: Pazaka


  • ★ Great for travel: The potty training toilet is design for travel,it's compact to ensure portability. Suitable for small children
  • ★ Comfortable: Made Of High Quality And Safe PP Material, provides your child little adventures comfort and confidence for their very first time and every time after.
  • ★ Easy to Use and Clean: Split design and easy to take the part of the potty out.Smooth surface let you clean it easy.
  • ★ Leakproof: Can keep the "dirty" in the potty if nowhere to Pour out and don't worry it will leak.
  • ★ Potty training: The results of well executed potty training helps you as a parent relax, as your child becomes more independent.

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