Baby Walker, Soft, Comfortable and Portable
Baby Walker, Soft, Comfortable and Portable

Baby Walker, Soft, Comfortable and Portable

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  • Handheld baby walking helper: This walking wings is a good walking helper, when the baby is unstable or tripped, the mother can pull it back in time to avoid the baby's fall.
  • Satisfy baby needs: This product can satisfy baby walking requirements at different stages, when baby just begin to learn stand up, this product can provide help. When baby already can stand up, you can detach the crotch, use force under the armpits and waist to assist the baby in walking.
  • Easy wear: The straps and safety buckles are adjustable, you can adjust it according to your baby's height, make your baby feel comfortable with proper adjustment.
  • Premium quality: This walking wings is made of cotton material, it is soft and comfortable, anti-scratch, easy to clean, durable, can be used in all seasons.
  • Avoid backache: This walking wings can perfectly reduce backache to parents while helping baby learning to walk, very practical.

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