Inflatable and Portable Travel Potty
Inflatable and Portable Travel Potty

Inflatable and Portable Travel Potty

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Brand: NOYBO


  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX: 1) Portable toilet 2) A roll of 20 disposable plastic bags
  • FOR TODDLERS AND CHILDREN: An essential part of the toilet training process, giving parents peace of mind to travel without worrying about emergencies in toilet training toddlers
  • MULTI FUNCTIONAL: Even after kids are toilet trained they don't always plan ahead and rarely do their business on our schedule. NOYBO is a travel toilet for any situation, long car rides, camping, at the beach or playground
  • SIMPLE SOLUTION: 1) Inflate from the built in valve. 2) Place a plastic bag inside and set down on any surface. 3) When your child is done remove the bag from the portable toilet and throw away. 4) Open the valve and let out air, fold away for next time
  • EASY TO: Carry, Use and Store. Is re-usable, READY TO USE IN A FEW SECONDS!

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