U-shaped Multifunctional Maternity Pillow
U-shaped Multifunctional Maternity Pillow

U-shaped Multifunctional Maternity Pillow

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Brand: N\C


  • -Ergonomic maternity body pillow: Our maternity sleep pillow is a U-shaped maternity pillow, which helps relieve discomfort. Our maternity body pillow is the perfect maternity pillow!
  • -The U-shaped body pillow is not only a pillow for pregnant women, but also a body pillow for pregnant women. We can also relieve the healing caused by injuries. This maternity sleep pillow is the best maternity pillow!
  • -It is an intelligent way to relieve abdominal pressure, back pain or discomfort during pregnancy. It is the best pillow for pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy.
  • -Help to improve blood circulation, continue to supply and fetal blood flow regularly throughout the night! The reverse end can achieve double-layer back support performance. Relieve swelling and leg/foot numbness, release your body pressure, support to prevent back rolling, improve your sleep, and prevent lumbar kyphosis during pregnancy.
  • -Removable and washable knitted cover. For your health, we recommend that you wash it twice a month, and once a week if it is very hot.

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