Pregnancy Pillow, Light and portable
Pregnancy Pillow, Light and portable

Pregnancy Pillow, Light and portable

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Brand: Lzpzz


  • ● Memory foam: Made of memory foam, our neck pads can stay soft in warm or cold temperatures.
  • ● Ergonomic design - Our travel foam memory foam pillow perfectly supports the neck, prevents the head from leaning forward, prevents the neck from approaching neighbors, and relieves neck pain while driving.
  • ● Easy to carry: Light and portable, it is very suitable for traveling by car or plane.
  • ● Protection of the cervical spine: It is ergonomically designed to gently support the head, neck and shoulders by following the curves of the cervical spine. It effectively relieves the load on the shoulders, back and neck and eliminates fatigue.
  • ● General: The ergonomic design of the neck pillow relaxes when traveling long distances or in the car. The pillows are soft and fluffy and are the perfect pillows on the plane for travel.

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