Baby Wrap Carrier, Lightweight, Soft and Breathable
Baby Wrap Carrier, Lightweight, Soft and Breathable

Baby Wrap Carrier, Lightweight, Soft and Breathable

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Brand: eBabySling


  • 【SAFEST CARRY POSITION】Carrying your baby close to your chest will feel like being wrapped in a loving embrace, which helps your little love gain a sense of trust & belonging. It is the most natural, womb-like position & creates an intimate bond between you both. Even a colicky baby will be soothed quickly to sleep as you carry him. Please keep in mind that conquering baby-wearing and finding the correct position for you and your baby takes time and a bit practice. Babies need time as well
  • 【ECO FRIENDLY PRE-WASHED】Made with beautiful 100% Turkish cotton, hand-loomed, breathable fabric and with top quality aluminum Sling Rings. No chemical processes, just washed with water and dried after woven. Softening agents-free. Artificial fragrance-free. It becomes smoother and softer after every wash. Because of its double face; in summer it's more breathable and cool for the baby and keeps your baby warm in the winter. Allows for airflow, reducing the risk of overheating.
  • 【MULTIPURPOSE BABY WRAP CARRIER】You can use newborn, toddlers, infants, boy and girl or pets. You Uses the color you wish. Easy Storage and Easy Clean The baby carrier has a pocket to put your phone, key, baby's pacifier or some other small things, you will find it very convenient.
  • 【WEARING BABY CLOSE】Baby wearing gives the baby closeness which promotes bonding, supports breastfeeding, makes caregiving easier. Baby feel safe and loved, carried babies cry less, breastfeed more effectively, and develop quicker and more optimally.

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