Baby Bed BackPack, Foldable and Portable
Baby Bed BackPack, Foldable and Portable

Baby Bed BackPack, Foldable and Portable

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  • MULTI-FUNCTION A multi-function Diaper Bag that acts as both a Backpack and Portable Crib. Perfect companion for Restaurant Dining and Travel.
  • MINI BED BUILT-IN With a new improved Foldable Portable Crib as part of the Backpack, it provides a Mini Bed for your Baby to rest in while you Travel. Definitely a must have feature, not all Diaper Bag Backpack has.
  • BUILT-IN CRIB FOR RESTAURANT DINING AND TRAVEL It only takes a minute to become a Portable Crib for the Baby to sleep so that Mommy can enjoy Restaurant Dining in peace, the Portable Crib can also act as a Changing Pad.
  • LARGE CAPACITY Our Diaperbag Backpack have a large capacity that can carry 3 Bottles, 1 Can of Formula Milk, 1 Hot Water Bottle, Diapers, Wet Wipes, Power Bank, Phone, etc etc. Everything you need to bring for Baby, Toddler and Mommy. We also give a free mattress and sun shield.
  • SOLD OVER 1000 / MONTH IN ASIA Our Diaperbag Backpack with an inbuilt Portable Crib have sold over 1000 / month in Asia and have over 98% positive rating.

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