Pelvic Floor Support, Comfortable
Pelvic Floor Support, Comfortable
It's You Babe

Pelvic Floor Support, Comfortable

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Brand: It's You Babe


  • NON-SURGICAL: The V2 Support is a non-invasive solution for women who experience discomfort in the vaginal region. The brace lifts & holds up the pelvic floor relieving pain due to vulvar and labial varicosities, pubic swelling, prolapsed bladder and/or uterus, inguinal Hernia, pelvic congestion, and genital Lymphedema conditions.
  • SHORTEN HEALING: Decrease swelling & improve healing after bladder & uterus prolapse. Recommended to those who undergo sclerotherapy or pelvic floor compression therapy. Designed for pain relief during postpartum from vaginal births & episiotomies.
  • DISCREET: Brace can be worn under clothing for pelvic floor support w/ minimal lines shown. Slip on the brace, adjust the 2 bands, & experience pain reduction. Support may be more pronounced when wearing tight fitting clothing.
  • MEDICAL DESIGN: It’s You Babe braces are medically designed & clinically proven to provide natural support. Led by Christine Seering, MSN, w/ 20+ years experience in the field.
  • MADE IN USA: Buy confidently from a company owned & operated in America. Manufactured using high-quality latex free materials that will not lose shape. If you are not 100% satisfied, we offer a full refund guarantee for any reason.

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