H Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Pillow, Multi-function

H Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Pillow, Multi-function

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  • ♛ Good quality sleep starts here ♛ Mother gives birth to a new baby need close care,professional sleep quality,solve the trouble of pregnant mother: supporting cervical vertebrae can solve neck pain,support the waist can solve the problem of backache,arm comfort let the arm fully relax,abdominal support makes mom and baby comfortable,leg pads to avoid leg swelling
  • ♛ Multi-function ♛ No matter daily, during pregnancy or after birth, It can help you rest and sleep. you can use it as a pillow to help you sleep, 360 degrees multi azimuth support body help pregnant mother sleep until dawn.you can use a soft pillow to cushion your feet,lift your abdomen,and relax your body.You can also adjust the shape as you like, you can adjust according to your own needs, can help reading, can be used as a pillow, postpartum lactation liberation of both hands
  • ♛High-quality materials♛ Details determine quality, white pillow inner liner, breathable and comfortable, for pregnant mother and baby from inside to outside care. Three-dimensional nine-hole cotton, no dust, feel fluffy, rebound well, not easy to deformation. removable, matching invisible zipper, do not hurt the skin, avoid scratches, back locks, sewing, refused to off-line, details highlight quality
  • ♛Product Maintenance♛ The inner liner can be patted left and right every day until it is fluffy. When washing the pillowcase, wash it with water temperature below 60 degrees. It cannot be bleached. After washing it, hang it to dry and can be dry cleaned.
  • ♛Product use♛ pregnancy pillows for sleeping maternity pillows full body pillow body pillows for adults body pillow body pillows for adults body pillow full body pillow u shaped body pillow body pillow for pregnancy pregnancy body pillow entire comfort body pillow body pillows for sleeping maternity body pillow megumin body pillow back Nursing pillow

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