2 in 1 Baby stroller, Foldable and Multi-Position

2 in 1 Baby stroller, Foldable and Multi-Position

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  • 3. Features bike-like rubber wheels are free-inflation and roll effortlessly over all rough terrains such as the grass, gravel road, the sidewalk, the sand and so on.,The front wheel has a shock absorber function to protect the baby's body, and the rear wheel has double brakes to ensure safe travel.
  • 4. The multi-position seat can be upright, half-inclined, and then tilted deeper,So it applies to babies 0 to 3 years old. Easy to fold, can be collected in the trunk of the car. Parents push it out to shop, travel, walk, play and chat in the park, or picnic in the wild.
  • 2. Aluminium alloy frame has a fine luster. It will never rust so you can use it longer, Adjustable handlebar meets the needs of people in different height, you can adjust the most comfortable position to push; Reversible stroller seat makes it easy for babies to face the parents or to face the world.
  • 1. Aluminum alloy frame, Fully adjustable handlebar and weather protection cover,Large cushioned cradle,Two-way stroller, Super shock absorbers, safe and comfort,Large storage basket,Rotate the front wheel with the suspension spring,Fully adjustable 5-point harness.
  • 5. Baby strollers are rigorously crash tested to meet ,We do all the tests only for the sake of children's safety,all environmentally friendly materials, the baby without any radiation damage!

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