Baby Walking Harness and Safety Helmet with Adjustable Straps

Baby Walking Harness and Safety Helmet with Adjustable Straps

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Brand: Dreaminer


  • 🎈Smart Walking Assistant: Our baby harness was designed to give stability and support to your little ones as they get used to taking small steps into the big wide world; It's the perfect solution for all parents and caregivers to help kids stand up and learn how to walk;
  • 🎈Top Fabric: Only the best for your bundle of joy! Our walking helper is made of soft and breathable cotton fabric that will support the baby’s weight comfortably with top quality buckles; The excellent padding makes it suitable for all seasons and comfortable for the baby even if it is worn through a whole day activity;
  • 🎈Adjustable Straps: You can easily adjust the length of the straps to accommodate the baby’s size as they grow remaining useful for a long period of time, from baby to toddler; Using top quality fabrics you can rely upon our child's harness for both kid’s safety and durability;
  • 🎈Bonus Baby No Bump Helmet: Made of top cotton, lightweight, breathable and adjustable design with a fastening strap, this cute helmet protects your child's head from bumps and bruises while learning to walk, crawl, stand and even sit; Give your child the proper protection for his/hers little noggin;
  • 🎈Beneficial for Parents as Well: This harness gives your child the freedom to roam around while, at the same time, allowing parents to assist the child while learning to walk, to control boundaries and limit danger; The bar across the top is easy to remove to facilitate the wearing of the harness and to hold as the parent can control child’s body easily without the need of bending for keeping baby’s hand all the time, and causing back pains;

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