Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras and 2-way audio

Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras and 2-way audio

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Brand: JouSecu


  • ✔[Plug and Play] Video baby monitor with 2 cameras split screen, can be customized for a single camera. Split screen means that you can see the real-time scenes of two cameras at the same time through the monitor, but only the sound of the selected screen can be heard. The dialogue with other camera scenes needs to be switched manually. Plug and play, no need to set up APP, no internet connection
  • ✔[2-way audio & Extended distance] Baby monitor Video Built-in microphone and speaker, can realize clear two-way audio. When the baby is crying, you can talk back in time or play lullaby to comfort the baby. Built-in 2.4GHz signal source, through FHSS transmission technology, privacy protection, signal stability. in the maximum signal extension distance of up to 1000ft in open areas
  • ✔[ Plastic Mounts & magnetic mounts] Equipped with 2 Plastic Mounts and 2 magnetic mounts, The head of the snowman camera is designed to be fixed to the body, so the head of the camera cannot be rotated. However, you can use the two kinds of brackets provided to fix it to any angle you need, better observe your baby
  • ✔[Night vision & temperature detection] Provide clear infrared night vision function, which can clearly display the baby's sleep status in the dark. The intelligent baby monitor can detect the temperature of the baby room at any time. When the air conditioner is turned on, it will remind you when the room temperature reaches the set temperature. Allows you to adjust your baby's comfortable living temperature in time
  • ✔[VOX Mode] monitor built-in 1440mAh rechargeable battery. When the baby is sleeping, the device can enter VOX Mode. At this time, the battery consumption can be reduced by 50% and the power supply time can be extended. The battery is fully charged and can work continuously for 8 hours

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