Infant Bassinet, Adjustable, Soft and Breathable
Little Grape Land

Infant Bassinet, Adjustable, Soft and Breathable

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Brand: Little Grape Land


  • 🎅SNUG & COZY - Lock the buckles, your babies will be snuggly wrapped inside our baby nest sleeper, just like being in mom's warm womb. The cotton pad acts as a guardrail of sorts, preventing your baby from rolling out of it.
  • 🎅UNIQUE FABRIC - The cover of our baby sleeper is made of a kind of fabric that is blended by a combination of smooth and durable linen with resilient tencel and soft cotton, feels a touch of incredible softness and comfort. All-natural fibers are good for your baby to achieve a sweet sleep.
  • 🎅PLUSH TOY BONUS - Cute plush toys are made of soft velboa, easy for baby's grasp and play. Beep beeps inside plush toys can boost hearing development. We use intimate soft Velcro on back of toys, 100% safe for both baby and parents.
  • 🎅CO-SLEEPING BENEFITS - It is an ideal sleeper that keeps the baby very close to the parents, which makes breastfeeding easier and promotes bonding and better sleep for all involved.
  • 🎅SIZE ADJUSTABLE - Double buckles on end create enough safety for baby, open the buckles then the baby snuggle bed can be used for larger babies or toddlers.

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