U Shaped Full Body Pillow with Removable Cover
U Shaped Full Body Pillow with Removable Cover

U Shaped Full Body Pillow with Removable Cover

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Brand: AngQi


  • Ultimate Sleep Through The Night - AngQi Velvet Body pillows are a great way for side sleepers to get a good night’s sleep and feel comfortable while they do so! They are excellent items for anyone who has trouble sleeping on their side, has lower back issues, or for women who are pregnant. From extra back support, to total body alignment, learn how the right body pillow shape can give you ultimate comfort.
  • U Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillow - AngQi Pregnancy Body Pillows conform to the shape of your body, which helps align your spine in a more normal way. It also provides extra support, which helps relieve back pain and stress. This causes you to breathe easier, promotes better circulation, and aids in muscles relaxation. Velvet Full body pillows come in many different shapes. The shape you want will depend on your personal preference and sleeping style.
  • Multi Purpose Wedge Body Pregnancy Pillow - AngQi pregnant body pillows can also help you if you snore and if you are pregnant - Sleeping on your side while pregnant helps improve blood flow to your uterus and can help with ankles that are swollen. It also supports your neck, back, and belly at the same time. Sleeping on your left side is generally considered preferable if you are pregnant.
  • Pick The Best Material - AngQi Pregnancy pillows come in many different materials and are stuffed with different things. When looking at pillows, organic and natural materials are the best. Since you spend so much time with your face against the material of your pillow, you want to make sure that get a good and comfortable material.
  • Customer Focused - AngQi maternity body pillow allows users to customize the filling loft by adding or subtracting the amount of filling through the zippers on the inner case. Our products is 100% brand new and high quality! If you have any issues, please contact us, and we will get back to you for sure.

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